The Pit Bull is the most misunderstood dog.  It’s also the most demonized and abused.  Thanks to  irresponsible or abusive owners, dog fighting rings and of course the media, the Pit Bull has acquired the worst reputation among its canine peers.  They are branded as ticking time bombs, waiting to go off at any given moment.  They’re pegged as unpredictable, mean, vicious killing machines.   This unfair portrayal has led to municipalities, states, provinces and countries around the world to enforce BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) stemming from paranoia and fear.  Most have not bothered to research the Pit Bull and educate themselves on the breed and which factors contribute to the creation of an aggressive dog.   BSL simply judges a dog based on appearance.  If the appearance fits the bill and the dog is deemed a “Pit Bull” type, that is enough to confiscate the dog and kill it.  The dog’s character is not a factor.  The dog could be the most loving, loyal dog but simply because it looks a certain way, its death sentence is handed down.

The goal of this blog is to spread positivity about the Pit Bull.  Instead of focusing on the negative stories as the media so often likes to do, I’m going to focus on the best parts. You’ll meet Pit Bulls who are loving family pets, protectors of children and their owners and heroes.

This is the real Pit Bull.

Ezy Dog


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  1. Yes, pit bulls are amazing dogs, but because of the bad rep they receive what you hear most of the time are only negative portrayals of these beautiful dogs:)

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