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The Ever Growing Problem of Police Officers Shooting Family Pets


I want to take this moment to bring something to your attention.  If you’re a dog lover, like me, this will upset you. If you don’t care for dogs, it probably won’t bother you.  Whatever your view point is, you should know that there is a growing problem with police officers shooting family dogs for no reason.  The police departments are falsely stating in 99% of reports that the dogs were aggressive and they had no choice but to shoot it.  This is false. Often the dogs are shot on their own property. Sometimes the officers received a call about a disturbance and they went to the wrong house or trespassed on a property they should not have been on, like in Kincaid’s story. Or a dog escaped from it’s yard, a neighbour calls the police and they have no idea what to do, so they shoot it.

The problem is that officers are not trained to deal with dogs.  They are trained to shoot and kill.   When a situation like this arises, the police department investigates itself.  Here lies the corruption. Police reports and accounts are changed in favour of the officer.  The dog owner is often intimidated and officers will only take witness reports from people that will find fault with the dog owner or dog. Often, the fault is not with the dog.  I repeat, it’s not the dog.

I follow many dogs groups on Facebook and often, stories such as Lexie’s, Bully, Boss and Kahlua or Max’s are shared and show up on my news feed. Warning, there are graphic pictures on their Facebook pages.  I’m very disturbed by this growing trend. Some of you know that I work with dogs very closely.  I am very experienced with them and understand their behaviour.  My love for dogs is very strong.  I am a defender of all things dog. When I hear stories like this, it hits me in such a way as if it were my own dog.  It causes anxiety in me and it profoundly impacts my well being for a while.

There is a movement growing to bring much needed attention to this problem and to hold police officers accountable because they get away with it every single time. Wearing a badge does not give you the right to do whatever you please.

Please take a moment to watch the trailer for a documentary called Puppycide. The film has met it’s funding to move forward and I’m looking forward to the finished product. Please share this where ever you can; on Facebook, Twitter and your blogs.  Thank you.

Some links to check out are Police State USA and Filming Cops.

This trailer is more in depth and contains graphic imagery.