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Laura the Pit Bull

lauraLaura’s story is so heartbreaking and upsetting.  Laura was found tied to a fence and the monster that did this to her didn’t leave a trail.  He is out there and will likely unleash his poison on another innocent dog.  Laura was rescued from the Brooklyn ACC on November 11th, 2013; the day she was scheduled to be euthanized.  Her condition was horrific.  Laura has a sizable mammary tumor that needs to be operated on.  In addition to that, she has what appears to be human bite marks all over her body and obvious signs of sexual assault.  Yes, sexual assault.  There are  some really sick people in the world but for every vile human, there are large numbers of caring and compassionate ones.  She is now in foster care and is receiving the extensive medical care she deserves.  Laura was giving a second chance at life, instead of becoming another statistic at a high kill shelter like the Brooklyn ACC.  Despite all that she’s been through, this sweet Pit Bull is full of love and is constantly wagging her tail at everyone she meets.  Each day will be a battle for her but she is getting better.  Be sure to like Laura’s Facebook page where you can see for yourself how she’s coming along.

Update:  Sadly, Laura became too sick due to an STD that contaminated her system from her horrible rapist.  R.I.P. dear Laura.  You did not deserve this.


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  1. Get better gorgeous Laura. By the way, that “human” is not a human being, but rather a monster. I hope karma comes back to get him. No, I don’t have any sympathy for monsters like that because that is what they are, monsters.

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