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Deputies in Palm Beach Florida shot and killed three friendly dogs

BullyBossKahluaOn August 14, 2012 In Palm Beach County, Florida, PBSO deputies shot and killed three (3) beloved dogs belonging to Cathy Thomas after trespassing onto THEIR gated property. The deputies parked away from the gate to the property that had two “Beware of Dog” signs clearly posted on the gate. The deputies entered the gate so quietly that the dogs did not hear them until they were 20 to 30 feet onto the property. The deputies were there to serve papers to Woodman, a friend of the owners, for a restraining order. Woodman was working underneath a car when he saw the green pants, he said, “I knew they were deputies”. Woodman while getting to his feet with his hands in the air, immediately ask the deputies to wait because the dogs were out. The deputies had their guns out and continued to approach. One deputy grabbed Woodman, threw him to the ground and held him down applying handcuffs, and the other deputy just starting shooting the dogs as they approached to greet the deputies. “They just started shooting them,” Woodman said. “I begged them to stop. I didn’t know what was happening until I heard the third or fourth shot. It didn’t register they were blowing this dog away.” The deputy fired at least 15 rounds into three dogs. Woodman said that the deputy shot Boss at least 10 times. Animal Care and Control was called to the scene and as reported to the news.  The dogs have never been in trouble with Animal Care and Control and have never tried to bite anyone. These were gentle loving family pets.

This is an absolute injustice and should never have happened.  This is just one many tragic cases of beloved family pets being shot for no reason by reactive, mentally unstable police officers.  As usual, the police officers are unapologetic about the shooting and in typical fashion, are arrogant.  Instead, the deputies are exploiting the situation by saying they feared for their life.  Cry me a river.  The truth is they stepped on a woman’s property to serve papers to a friend of hers.  Cathy and her dogs had nothing to do with the situation yet the dogs paid for it with their lives.  The dogs, two Great Dane mixes and one Pit Bull, were not aggressive.  The deputies are the ones the public should fear.  Palm Beach animal control says that while these things happen, they will not question the acts of deputies who “put their lives on the line” for the safety of the public every day.  Seems to me that the only ones the public need protection from are these trigger happy, volatile officers.   Feel free to express your disdain by calling Palm Beach Animal Control at (561) 233-1200 and leaving a comment on Palm Beach Sheriff Office Facebook page.

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Visit the Justice for Bully, Boss and Kahlua Facebook page.  To sign the petition,  go to  R.I.P. Bully, Boss and Kahlua.  You didn’t deserve what happened to you. Karma will be served for you.


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