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Brownie the Pit Bull Takes Care of Missing Toddler

Brownie the Pit Bull

Three year old Zoey Smith went missing from her grandmother’s home near Canton, Texas when she followed her dog when he chased a raccoon.  The dog, Brownie, a Pit Bull, stayed by her side throughout the ordeal, which lasted over six hours. Zoey and her dog were found in the woods at approximately 7:00 pm, 2 miles from where she disappeared.  Zoey was cold and wet when Jason Smith and his 12 year old son Ivan Vilegas found her. Smith and his son didn’t know that Zoey was missing.

Smith had said that he and his son decided to check their 60 acre property on their quad bikes after noticing a helicopter circling the area.  Armed with flashlights, they heard a faint noise and when they investigated, they stumbled on the three year old.  Smith took Zoey back to his home and called 911.   Brownie, a Pit Bull, never left her side.


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  1. Talk about loyalty:) We, humans, should learn from them. Yes, learn from pit bulls for those people that judge them just because they are pit bulls.

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