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Pit Bull Saves Pregnant Owner

On a September back in 2011, six month pregnant Arlee Ice and her Pit Bull mix Cash were taking walk in Elyria, Ohio; enjoying their surroundings on a late summer night.   That night-time walk almost turned deadly when a man approached from behind and grabbed her.  Arlee spun around and the attacker started yelling at her to come with him.  Cash didn’t waste a second.  He jumped the man, bit him and tackled him to the ground.

“He just instinctively went to protect me,” said Ice. “He got special treats last night. He got half a box of cookies and some eggs this morning.”  Cash has never bitten anyone before.  Cash knew right away that the attacker was an obvious threat to his owner whom he loves and is very loyal to.  Had Cash not been there, who knows what might have happened.  This dog is a hero!

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9 thoughts on “Pit Bull Saves Pregnant Owner

  1. I cant believe this is still online i think its awesome that u guys are on the web! Pitts are amazing companions I cldnt have asked for a better dog then Mr. Casious Clay Ice!!!! Ajd more people should know hoe devoted they are to their families!

  2. That woman was pregnant with my son!!! He just turned one today!! Thank you cash you’ve always been a good dog and without you my son may not be here :,)

  3. I am so glad that you and Cash are fine. What an amazing and brave pit bull, yes, pit bull, your Cash is and you are so lucky to have him in your life:)

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