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Bella the Pit Bull

This is Bella and her best friend.  Bella is the perfect example of a well behaved, friendly and stable Pit Bull.  Jeff Daniels of Cabarrus County, North Carolina has over 22 years experience with the breed and owns another named Jaxson.

Sadly, Bella’s story isn’t a happy one.  On April 29th 2010, Bella and Jaxson slipped through a narrow opening in the fence in the yard of their home while the Daniels family were out.  A neighbor called Animal Control and Deputy Sean Austin appeared on the scene.  Austin could not catch Bella.  Bella was afraid and was running from him.  The trigger happy, incompetent deputy decided that 20 minutes on the scene was enough and had to make a decision.  That decision was to shoot Bella despite the fact that Bella showed no signs of aggression whatsoever.  Bella screamed loudly, continued to run and eventually fell.  Bella died.  Apparently Austin had other places to be.  Sounds like a reasonable and rational decision.  Read more about the events of that night by clicking THIS LINK.

The Daniel’s went to Animal Control to speak with Deputy Sean Austin and recorded their exchange with the heartless, defensive and aggressive officer.  Watch for yourself and see what a jerk he is.  There are several parts to the exchange.  You’ll get to part one by clicking the screen shot of the dog killer below.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at Animal Control being out of control.

Deputy Austin likes to throw around that the owners broke a law because their dog was at large.  The dogs escaped from a confined yard.  It happens sometimes and it’s quite obvious that the Daniel’s did not intentionally break any law.  I suppose that is what Sean Austin likes to tell himself to shift the blame.

Of course, after trial, the city found Animal Control and Sean Austin not responsible for the events.  In true corrupt and bureaucratic fashion, the murderer who works for the city walked free.


16 thoughts on “Bella the Pit Bull

  1. To The Happy Pit Bull: You really should change your name to The Ugly Pit Bull because that dog in the ID photo is the most plug-ugly POS land shark I’ve ever seen!

    To Jeff Daniels: Instead of making excuses for your own negligence, attacking and calling people names and posting nonsense about pit bulls, you should be somewhere taking a course in English grammar and composition because your comments are so full of grammatical errors, it’s difficult to ascertain what you’re howling about!

    As for poor, dead Bella: Well, Boo-Hoo!

    • Do you honestly have anything better to do than spread hate? We’re here trying to show that there is another side to Pit Bulls and your vile hatred is not welcome. You are probably related to the cop or you are the cop. There’s this thing called compassion. Maybe you should acquire some one day. In the meantime, take your miserable self and your miserable existence and crawl into a hole where the rest of the planet never has to look upon your sorry ass ever again.

      Jason’s IP.

  2. TheHappyPitBull: If there wasn’t any such video, don’t you think Jeff Daniels would have denied it in his comment above? The reason Jeff Daniels didn’t sue after talking big and threatening an officer of the law was because the video proved that he knew the fence was inadequate, well, that and the fact no lawyer would take his ridiculous case.

    Jeff Daniels: Why did the pit bull in the Bronx a few days ago ignore several people passing by, including people with dogs, and then suddenly take off across the street and attack a little girl? Answer: No one knows. Just like no one knows why “Bella” didn’t attack and try to kill someone while she was running loose? You have no one but your sorry self to blame for baboon-faced Bella’s death and it’s time you manned up and stopped whining about it!

    Anyone can order a vest and call their fleabag a “therapy dog” and that’s the only way that ugly retarded fleabag you call “Jaxson” will ever become one! You need to get your nose out of your pit bull’s rear end and get a freaking life!

    • Whether the fence was inadequate or not, the dog didn’t do anything to warrant being shot and killed. The only one acting like a big mouth was the officer. Bella was a beautiful dog, however I’m sure your face shows it’s age given the miserable existence you live each day. To find this post means you’ve been searching for it with the intent to spew hate. Do the world a favor and go kill yourself.

      • @THEHAPPYPITBULL: You just destroyed any credibility that you may have had. I’m not a fan of pit bulls, but until you told a human being to go kill themselves just because they disagreed with you, I was willing to read the thoughts on both sides of the issue. The person that you told to go kill themselves did not say anything to warrant your attack. All you’ve proven by your comment is that pit bull apologists are the low life dregs of society that most people think they are!

        When I mentioned the videotape above, you first attacked me and insisted there was no such tape. Now, after Jeff Daniels himself, did not deny there was a tape, you claim people were trying to “beat her [Bella] with a broom.” No one in their right mind would confront a pit bull with nothing more than a freaking broom! But thank you! Your comments have done more to turn people against pit bulls than CARLISLEHALL, me, or any other pit bull opponent posting on the internet!

      • Pat…..seriously…get a life. You and CarlisleHall came here with your hate and vitriol. Maybe instead of attacking US FIRST, you both could’ve came with a more level head instead of throwing around insults, you would’ve gotten the same response back. The insults, whether directed toward Bella, me or anyone else are insults nonetheless. I highly doubt there is anything we could say or do to change your biased, one sided attitude toward Pit Bulls. I also doubt that you EVER thought I had any credibility. There’s plenty of evidence that refutes everything you believe about Pit Bulls online which I’m sure you don’t bother to research so spare me the lip service of being open to education. And I’m sure you automatically reject any information that counters your narrative that due to your level of hatred for the breed. Seek help for your darkened, hate filled, sad and pathetic self.

  3. People were trying to beat her with a broom!! And yet Bella didn’t retaliate. I’m so glad she didn’t as it proves what a bunch of douche bags these judgmental jerks are. Great news about Jaxson!! I have no doubt that he’s an amazing and model APBT.

  4. When “Bella” escaped, she was aggressive toward a woman and her child in the woman’s own back yard, prompting a call to 911. Furthermore, before this ever happened, there is video showing Bella and the other dog jumping against the flimsy backyard fence where they were confined and Jeff Daniels laughing about it. If Daniels had cared anything about his fleabags, he would have made sure they were confined in an enclosure from which they could not escape. The officer who shot the dog did the right thing and he should have shot the other pit bull as well. Pit bull owners like Daniels fail to confine their land-sharks and then when something happens, they blame everyone and everything but themselves!

    • Is that right Pat. Show us this video? Where is it? What we do have is a video of the officer stating that she was NOT being aggressive but simply escaped from the yard and he couldn’t catch her. Please tell us how Bella was being aggressive toward the woman and her child? Was she barking at them? Maybe doing something that all dogs do and they misread it and freaked out like typical people do? You spew a lot of hatred toward these dogs but yet offer up no proof. Like I said, they have the officer on video. Go away. You’ll never convince anyone here. The cop should’ve been shot in my opinion. He’s a prick.

    • Oh and dogs jumping against a fence….that must be a Pit Bull thing right?? You are so stupid lady. All dogs jump against fences when people or other dogs walk by. It’s a standard behaviour and it does not mean the dog is aggressive. But you probably think a dog barking at the door bell ringing or at a squirrel is aggressive. Squirrel, isn’t that what you eat trailer park hick?

    • Land sharks? My how ignorance is bliss for some people huh?
      If Bella was so aggressive then why didn’t she bite, claw, jump on or attack anybody in the 50+ minutes she was loose? She had every chance to do just that, even as people like you were chasing her with guns, yelling at her and trying to beat her with a broom…but she did NOTHING except try and run away. In fact, she was shot in the back as she was RUNNING AWAY from Sean Austin. What a coward! He shot her because he was a lazy ass, sorry excuse for a human being that admitted on video that she didn’t show ANY aggression whatsoever. Weren’t you listening?
      Your ignorance and hatred is mind-numbing.
      By the way, the other “fleabag” (Jaxson) just passed his CGC test and will be taking his Therapy Dog test in a couple of weeks so crawl back in your hole and quit trolling the truth because of your bias against the amazing APBT!
      One last thing, I’d rather have a couple of “fleabags” than to be known as a “douchebag” the rest of my life because of my ignorance and hatred. Good luck with that!

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