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Ekko the Amstaff

Meet Ekko.   Ekko is a Staffie and he belongs to my friend Marc.  I met Ekko and Marc for the first time when I was living in Prague.  Ekko will now be the official mascot of The Happy Pit Bull.  Ekko is a prime example of a well-balanced and happy Pit which I believe is largely in part to his Daddy Marc.  Marc is a great owner and he loves his baby.  Ekko is spoiled rotten and everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

Marc and Ekko have recently moved to Zagreb, Croatia and Ekko is settling in nicely.  In fact so nicely that his landlords took it upon themselves to build Ekko a pool!  Yes, a pool all for him!  It’s the perfect size for him and he loves it.  Check out this video of Ekko in his pool trying to figure out a way to get the rubber duck floating in the water.

Stay tuned for more Ekko in the next coming days.


2 thoughts on “Ekko the Amstaff

  1. First off, great blog and i really hope that it can help to change people’s opinion of this breed of dog. Im the Marc in the above article and it was a nice surprise to see my boy smiling this morning and knowing that he is helping his breed in a little way.
    I got Ekko when he was just 6 weeks and he more chose me than the other way around. What the author is saying is so true about the owners, Ive seen my fair share of aggressive bull breed dogs and you can be sure on the other end of that lead is some idiot who feels stronger having made his dog unhappy, as an aggressive dog cant be a happy one. It makes me sad that if I ever wanted to return to my home country Scotland I would have to get false papers as Ekko being an American Staffie would be classed as a “pit bull type” of dog.

    I really hope that you keep up this blog Steff, as we (Ekko and I) will be following it and are around should you ever need to know more or hear more or have more pictures of Ekko doing what he does best, being daft and making friends.

    Marc and Ekko.

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