Two Dogs Held Hostage by City

Rottweilers Stella Blue and Tazzy, are two of many dogs being held in captivity by misguided and irrational city officials.  Almost one year ago, Stella and Tazzy did the right and honorable thing by protecting their owner Michelle Chapman-Avery from a group of assailants. The dogs were inside the home when a group of unknown thugs entered their property and one of the assailants pinned their owner to the ground. The two heroes bolted out of the home to protect Michelle.  Stella Blue bit the attacker causing minor bruising.  Both dogs retreated at this point.

Guess which out of the two, the dogs and the attackers, the city of Colchester, CT targeted?  The dogs.  Yes, the dogs, because they are dogs and they bit a human.  If you want to label the attacker a human being that is.  Stella and Tazzy have been locked up since December 2011 and could face euthanasia.  Seems that the city officials need a thorough psychiatric evaluation.  Let’s do a quick breakdown.

  1. Owner is attacked by group with sinister intentions.
  2. Dogs protect owner
  3. Owner is saved

Seems pretty logical to me and a no brainer.  Well, it’s a no brainer to anyone who isn’t a city official or worker.   Someone enlighten me please because I fail to see where the dogs did anything wrong.  The Lexus Project is taking on the case and hopefully the two dogs will be freed.  The city of Colchester seems to care more about protecting would-be murderers and rapists than it’s protectors even if they walk on four legs.  Certainly not a city I would want to live in.

You can learn more about the story by reading it on the Courthouse News Service.


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