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Maple Ridge News – Another beloved pit bull

Lisa Traina of Maple Ridge has this to say about her amazing Pit Bull Kayenne.  Kayenne is another dog who suffered horrible abuse from a previous owner who deemed her “useless”.   Kayenne’s teeth had been kicked in.  She had cigarette burns on her neck, broken ribs and she was dehydrated and malnourished.  Despite all this, she was amazingly happy.  If she became aggressive over her poor treatment, she would have been put down and demonized because of her breed.  The only party who should be put down is the man who abused her but I guess we’re supposed to respect all human life.

Read her story by clicking the link below.

Maple Ridge News – Another beloved pit bull.


One thought on “Maple Ridge News – Another beloved pit bull

  1. Beautiful story and amazing how a dog can be so forgiving after so much cruelty. Thanks to the family that adopted her, they were her angel and she was theirs:)

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